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Do you own a company?
Do you want personalized clothing?

We can make your project a reality!

Alexia Maltais - Co-founder of Brodame
Branding is the most important thing!

What could be better for your entire team than clothing bearing your logo?

Alexia Maltais - Co-founder of Brodame
Are you wondering if your team is the one off sales or service calls?

What better way to identify them than with your company logo!

Plus it brings you publicity! :)
Alexia Maltais - Co-founder of Brodame


What is embroidery?

Textile embroidery is the ideal branding technique if you're looking to personalize a textile item for the long term, while adding a touch of prestige. By opting for embroidery on your textile garments and accessories, you can be sure of long-lasting personalization, excellent color rendition and a chic look and feel. Some examples on this link.

The most resistant textile personalization

When it comes to the lifespan of textile personalization, embroidery wins hands down! With its threads embedded in the fabric, embroidery guarantees unfailing durability.

Always the perfect color

Our range of embroidery threads covers a very wide palette of colors. Our 130 different thread colors enable you to obtain a faithful rendering of your logo's colors. Our embroidery machines can embroider logos in up to 10 colors!

Elegant, textured finish

Embroidery on garments adds a delicate, refined touch to textiles. It offers an elegant effect to customizable garments, both to the touch and to the eye, with its relief and multitude of stitches.

Screen printing

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is based on the stencil technique: a screen is placed between the ink and the textile to be printed. With textile screen printing, the ink is applied directly to the fabric. Your freshly printed garments are then passed through a high-temperature drying tunnel, to ensure that the ink penetrates deep into the fabric and bonds firmly with the fibers. This part of the screen printing process enables the ink and textile to become one for optimum durability.

Exact colors

When it comes to colors, it's possible to obtain the exact color of your logo using Pantone® colors. You can therefore be sure of obtaining a color rendering faithful to your original visual. Above all, textile screen printing surpasses other printing techniques in terms of color intensity and precision. Thanks to state-of-the-art textile screen printing carousels, we can print up to 6 colors per logo.

Lowest prices

Textile screen printing guarantees particularly attractive prices for large volumes. The printing process requires a great deal of preparation before the actual printing can begin. In fact, the printing phase is sometimes the shortest part of a textile screen printing project. Preparation prior to printing involves fixed costs that make screen printing less attractive for very small quantities. This is why the minimum quantity for screen printing is 12 units.
How to order
We've divided the process into 4 essential steps to help you identify your needs and guide you through the entire process. During this process, our team will be in a position to follow your project from A to Z.

Setting up the file

First, we'll match you with a representative who's right for your needs, so you can get all the information you need to build your case.


Then we'll prepare your first quotation free of charge until you're satisfied - which is really important to us!


Meanwhile, everything's happening on our end (you can take it easy 😉 ), and it's time to create the garments that represent your very own project!


At this point, it's time to unwrap your gift, of course here I'm talking about your order.
What they say about us?
Here are just a few examples of what others say about us. Service is at the heart of our business.
I love this boutique, both for my personal purchases and for my business. I recently had a custom sweater made for my customers and we're very happy with the result! Professional and fast service, I recommend it!
Sarya sleewear logo

Sarya Sleepwear


"He produces our clothes and we really like them, the quality is amazing and super good service to the company!"
Popavape St-Georges logo

PopaVape St-Georges


We had a great service with Brodame and we really liked the fact that they supported us throughout the project to make it easy for us to get the best final product!
Logo le temple - bar in trois-rivière

Le Temple


"A1 service! Thanks for all!"
Agence GI logo

GI Agency


"All our embroidery garments are made by Brodame and no bad comments to say impeccable service, lots of choice and very good quality! :)"
Prone Brand logo

Prone Brand


Enrick Basaneze - Multi-Entrepreneur - Co-founder of Brodame
Our expertise!
Our company specializes in the personalization of promotional clothing and will offer you the best services and products to represent your company or project!
  • 5+ Years experience

    We have over 5 years' experience in promotional products and brand development.
  • For passionate entrepreneurs

    We're as passionate about each project as we are about our own. Our aim is not to put your logo on a garment, but to put your passion on the garment.
  • Guaranteed support

    We feel it's important to tell you that you won't just be paired with a sales representative, but with a consultant who will make your project a reality, with the necessary support.
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About us

Brodame is a Drummondville-based company created by two young entrepreneurs: Enrick Basaneze and Alexia Maltais, in 2021. Before opening its doors, Brodame sold exclusively on the web. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise, they were able to grow the company exponentially on social networks.


What are the production lead times?

Our lead times for embroidery range from 2 to 4 weeks and for screen printing from 3 to 6 weeks. We do our best to produce your garments as quickly as possible. If you require a faster turnaround, please contact us directly at

Can I order samples?

It is possible to order samples. However, this is on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

How do I know which production method is best for me?

With Brodame, you're paired with a consultant who can help you determine the best production method for your project/company and your needs.
I already have my clothes, can you produce them?
Yes, we can produce them. However, no guarantee is valid when the garments do not come from us.
What format do you need my logo in?
For embroidery, we recommend that you have your image in .png or vector format (.ai, .eps, .svg, etc) and for screen printing in vector format (.ai, .eps, .svg, etc). Otherwise charges may apply.