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Lots of people with different styles to demonstrate why went with custom clothes

Why opt for a customizable garment?

In a world where fashion is often synonymous with mass production, the customizable sweatshirt comes as a breath of fresh air for those looking to express their individuality while also being able to express their individuality.

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Embroidery is beautiful, but you can't do everything! 🙄

This article explores the infinite creative possibilities of embroidery, while highlighting the challenges of structural constraints, timing and minute detail, offering an insight...

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The 5 essential tools for unofficial embroidery

Explore the art of embroidery through essential tools such as scissors, needles and frames, revealing the creative essence that transforms each stitch into a work of textile art.

Force Féminine: a tribute to the women who are shaping the future

Force Féminine: a tribute to the women who are shaping the future

Explore the impact and importance of International Women's Day, a global celebration of women's equality, justice and achievement, and grab a special offer in ho...

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Embroidery is much more than you think!

Detailed exploration of the key concepts of modern embroidery, including digitizing, the matrix, the embroidery program, and embroidered patches, revealing the harmonious fusion of tradi...

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5 steps to a one-of-a-kind product

Embroidery becomes a unique form of artistic expression, combining tradition and innovation, where each thread tells a story, from design to final embroidery.

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The 10 embroidery trends and their impact - Which trend to choose?

In 2024, embroidery is revolutionizing with a variety of trends, from ecological to innovative, to suit all styles.

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Choosing Quebec companies: An ecological and responsible approach

This article highlights how choosing Quebec fashion reduces our carbon footprint, supports the local economy and guarantees ethical, quality production, while promoting a movement ...

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De Fil en Aiguille: Do you really know the history of embroidery?

Explore the captivating evolution of embroidery, from its ancient origins as a status symbol to its current role as an artistic and cultural expression, spanning various epochs.

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Beyond the Roses: 4 gift ideas you hadn't thought of, for your significant other

This Valentine's Day, turn affection into art with personalized gifts, and discover how these unique presents can strengthen bonds and create lasting memories.