Screen printing service

The screen printing service

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is based on the stencil technique: a screen is placed between the ink and the textile to be printed. The screen is entirely permeable with the exception of the printable area (the shape of your logo, for example) which allows the ink to come into contact with the textile support to print your personalization color after color.

With the textile screen printing, the ink is therefore applied directly to the fabric. So that it soaks deep into the textile by attaching firmly to the fibers, your freshly printed clothes are passed through a drying tunnel at high temperature. This part of the screen printing process allows the ink and the textile to become one for optimal lifespan.

Exact colors

screen printing

In terms of colors, it is possible to have the exact color of your logo using Pantone® colors. You are thus assured of obtaining a color rendering faithful to your original visual. But above all, textile screen printing surpasses other printing techniques in terms of color intensity and precision. Thanks to the latest textile screen printing carousels we can print up to 6 colors per logo.

Lowest prices

Textile screen printing guarantees particularly attractive prices for large volumes. The printing process requires a relatively large amount of preparation work before starting the actual printing. The printing phase is sometimes the shortest part of a textile screen printing project. Preparation before printing involves fixed costs which make screen printing less attractive for very small quantities. This is why the minimum quantity for screen printing is 12.

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